The Organic Salmon used by the Connemara Smokehouse are raised at Clare Island Sea-farm and other remote and exposed salmon sites on the West Coast of Ireland. The location of these marine sites are recognised as the most exposed in Western Europe.

Organic Farming demands that the methods resemble the natural habitat of the species. High tidal exchange rates and tidal movements ensure that new water is being flushed through the cages regularly. The constant water movement generates strong currents against which the fish are compelled to swim.

Such strong exercise results in fish with a firm flesh and lower than average fat content. The fish are stocked at 2 fish per tonne of water, which is much less densely stocked than conventional fish farms.

Organic salmon are fed an organic diet (similar to the diet of wild salmon) which contains all organic and natural ingredients and is free from genetically modified organisms. Herring, mackerel and ground up crustacean shells are added to the feed along with phaffia yeast, which ferments and gives the fish a distinct soft pink colour.

The salmon are reared according to strict organic principles. The salmon are grown in accordance with organic farming standards established by Naturland Verband (Germany), Organic Trust, Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) & recognised by the Soil Association in the UK & Eco Cert International (France).

The farm and its related sites are audited on an annual basis by the organic certifiers. Learn more about Clare island Sea-farm Here.