There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which has been collected by professional and dedicated specialists and has now been passed on to its second generation. As the company is a family run business, orders are always overseen by people who care.

Quality Control:

We also have controls for our cleaning procedure inside the factory each day. The Smokehouse  has full HACCP certification. We also produce to kosher and organic standards and have full organic accreditation  We do all this to make sure our clients are satisfied and feel secure with the food products they buy from us.


All products are vacuum packed, and shipped by courier. Whatever the packaging or specification, The Connemara Smokehouse always guarantees the tastiest, best quality Irish Seafoods.

Storing Your Products:

Smoked Salmon will keep in your fridge for 2 weeks in the unopened vacuum pack and up to 8 months in your freezer also unopened. However we recommend consumption within 7 days or freeze for up to 8 months, as this is better for the quality. See more about storing your products here.