Whether it’s smoked salmon, tuna, mackerel, or other tasty products from the sea, Connemara Smokehouse prides itself on hand-crafting the finest smoked salmon and smoked seafood products by following a simple recipe: fresh fish, natural ingredients, and traditional smoking methods that have stood the test of time. The best and only sure way to discover what makes Connemara Smokehouse products the best in Ireland is to taste for yourself.

Fresh Fish

We start with premium quality fresh fish, harvested from the crystal blue waters off the Irish west coast. Wild Atlantic Salmon—our speciality—comes from local Connemara fishermen.

We source our Organic Salmon from selected sites such as Clare Island, which is less than 65 kilometres (35 nautical miles) north of us on the Irish West Coast.

The tuna we use is line-caught in Irish waters, thanks to a 1991 initiative by Graham and John Roberts, together with the Irish Sea Fisheries Board, to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of catching wild tuna.

The mackerel and herrings we use come from the cool, clear Atlantic waters  and are MSC Certified. They are simply the best available.

Natural Ingredients

We use no artificial flavourings, colours, or preservatives—just fresh fish, accented with complementary seasonings from nature. Sea salt and beechwood smoke create the perfect flavour and texture in our traditional smoked products. Sugar, herbs, honey, and Irish whiskey transform and put an Irish spin on the innovative new products we offer that have gained us world recognition.

Our Traditional Smoking Methods

At Connemara Smokehouse we know the importance of modern technology in ensuring our seafood products arrive safely at your table, as tender and succulent as when they leave Bunowen Pier.  We also know that some long-established traditions just shouldn’t be sacrificed to progress.

We hand-fillet and traditionally dry-salt our fish before smoking—no machine-filleting and no brine-injection. We also still use ‘Old Smoky’, the kiln first commissioned in 1946, to beechwood smoke our fish until done to perfection. This requires the experience, patience, and sensitivity of an artisan—but to truly satisfy the human palate, it’s something we feel no automated kilns running on pre-programmed timers can replicate.

Fresh fish, natural ingredients, and traditional smoking methods. Sure, it would probably be easier to cut a few corners and automate more of the processing, but it just wouldn’t deliver the Connemara Smokehouse products that our customers demand and keep coming back for.

Ready to try for yourself? Visit us at Bunowen Pier in Connemara…or visit our online shop for a taste as wild and natural as Connemara, delivered direct to your door!